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Miami Beach

Several years ago, my Dad and I traveled to southern Florida for a week’s vacation. Our last night was spent in Miami Beach. When we drove up to Miami from the Florida Keys, we tried to drive to a couple parks in Miami Beach but we could never find a place to park. We finally gave up looking and went back to our beachfront hotel for the afternoon.

Before dinner, we ventured out to the walkway that separated the beachfront hotels from the beach. As we were guests in one of the hotels, we had access to the beach. We were there in early March and the weather was in the low 70s in the late afternoon – perfect! We rounded the corner and this is the view that greeted me!

The water was so green (alive with algae and plant life, I was told)! I’d never seen the ocean looking so dramatic. It took my breath away! The smell of the air and the sight of those gathering clouds and the green ocean – it was overwhelmingly beautiful.

It started raining an hour after we left the beach and it rained through the night. We were blessed to see this view when we did!

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