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Night Photography in Black & White

Black & White Night Reflections of Milwaukee Skyline in fountain pond

Night photography is something that I’ve come back to, time and time again. Ever since that very first night photograph of the International Bridge to Canada back in July 2007, I’ve been drawn to making photographs at night.

While it’s exciting to capture the colors in night photography, converting the same image to black and white is just as beautiful. Sometimes, the colors in a night photograph can be distracting. The eye doesn’t always know quite where to look if the colors are overwhelming. The same can be said with a daytime photograph. Not every photograph looks good converted to black and white. This photograph looks good in both black and white and color. There are enough lights on the buildings to clearly outline the black night background.

I entered this particular photograph in a contest a number of years ago and it won 2nd place in the Black & White category!

Night Reflections of Milwaukee Skyline in fountain pond

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