Beautiful Sun Photography

My family surname, Beausoleil, means Beautiful Sun in English. I am a “beautiful sun” photographer. It’s all about the light – at sunrise or dark of night.

Running to the Mountains

Whenever I am feeling off-center in my life, I run to the mountains to regain my perspective. Where do you go to re-center yourself?

Night Lights at the Church

When I want to make night photographs, I always try to photograph my subject before the sun goes down. The subject magically transforms in the changing light conditions.

The Soo Locks

The Soo Locks are a way for ships to travel to and from Lake Superior to Lake Huron and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Rainy Spring Morning

It was worth the walk in the cold rain to photograph the beautiful azaleas in a park in southern Roanoke County in Virginia!

Great Lakes Lighthouses

If you ever can visit a Great Lakes lighthouse, do not pass it up. There are so many unique and beautiful lighthouses and many of them offer tours during the summer season.

Timing the Sunrise

There is a major difference in timing when photographing a sunrise on the Great Lakes vs the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Self Portrait

Even though I’d never been there, I felt a sense of familiarity when looking out over the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur. I felt like I was finally at home.

Being Prepared In Case of Emergency

An accident while out photographing nature can happen to anyone. Here’s what I learned after I had a hard fall recently and what I did to help prevent further mishaps.