When It Snows…

Living in Virginia, I am happy to live in an area of the country that sees the changing of the seasons and gets an occasional snowfall. It’s a blend of both worlds – winter doesn’t last forever, but when it’s here, it’s a landscape photographer’s dream.

Sunset Seating

The Boerner Botanical Gardens have seating throughout the gardens to view the magnificent displays of flowers and plants, or to watch the sun set.

The Art of Turning 60….

I don’t think anyone ever gets too old for an adventure. I’m ready to face my 60s and to continue going on adventures for as long as I possibly can!

Night and Day Reflections

Reflections of the Milwaukee skyline in the Lagoon at the Lakefront, day or night, are breathtaking!

Big Cats!

Of all of the big cats in Big Cat Country at the Milwaukee County Zoo, Stella the jaguar will always have a special place in my heart.

Simple Truth Omelet Bites – Gluten-Free Product Review

Simple Truth Omelet Bites – Gluten-Free Product Review I purchased these at Kroger in Virginia and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty they were! They were quick and easy to prepare and gluten-free. So often, processed items like this are very high in sodium, but these have only 95mg (4% of the recommended daily allowance)….

Hello World

The typical 1st blog post title – Hello World. Welcome to my first blog post on WordPress. When you visit, you’ll see different topics of interest – most related to either photography or gluten-free dining. I’m interested in both and both have served me well — I don’t live to eat, I eat to live….