Rainy Spring Morning

The forest was getting more green every day in mid-April.

Spring often arrives in the blink of an eye in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The higher elevations can see snow while the lower elevations are just beginning to blossom and bloom. The temperatures in the valley might be in the 80s one day but then overnight lows could go down below freezing. The flowers might start blooming but then become stunted with sudden ice storms or freezing temperatures.

There is a park on the south side of Roanoke County in Virginia – Happy Hollow Gardens. I discovered it a couple winters ago while out driving around looking for photo opportunities when the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed during the winter months. At the time of my initial discovery, I had no idea that it was the home of several rather large azalea bushes. When I looked it up on Google Maps, several people commented that it was one of Roanoke’s secret treasures.

The trick is knowing when to head to this remote park at the right time so that you see the blooming azaleas. It would probably help if I had azaleas blooming in my yard to have an idea of the timing. This year, I was at the dentist’s office on a rainy Monday morning in mid-April and the hygienist mentioned that her mother’s azaleas were in full bloom. That’s all I needed to hear!

The pink and red azaleas were in full bloom.

When I arrived, it was raining steadily and it was only in the mid-40s (Fahrenheit). Not surprisingly, there weren’t any other visitors to the gardens. I donned my raincoat and proceeded to balance my umbrella under one arm so that I could use my Canon and 400mm lens. The light in the mid-morning rain was phenomenal. The vivid colors of the pink and red azaleas stood out brilliantly against the muted colors of the green budding forest.

No bees near the azaleas when it’s raining
The white azaleas were not quite ready to bloom.

Even though not all of the azaleas had bloomed, it was still worth wandering around in the rain.

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  1. Steve Heap says:

    Great colorful images. The rain really helps to make this more vibrant and of course there are no people in the way!

    1. Thanks, Steve! It’s a bonus for sure! A couple people drove up as I was leaving, but they were just passing through to walk on the trail.

  2. kmgunnart says:

    Certainly some brilliant pink there! Down here in Florida, our azaleas bloom in February, so it’s been since before the goat kids were born that I’ve had the chance to admire such vivid shades of pink. I used to live in Tennessee, up by the Kentucky state line, and loved watching the flowering trees in the spring and how they took turns on who bloomed when. I just do not miss the ice storms.

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