Travel Thursday – Lake Superior Shoreline

A beautiful seating area at the Point Iroquois Light Station on Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Doesn’t this look inviting! This beautiful scene is at the Point Iroquois Light Station on Lake Superior in Upper Michigan. Point Iroquois is just north of Brimley, Michigan and less than 25 miles to the west of Sault Ste. Marie. Travelers often carry beach chairs in their vehicles so that they can stop at any of the pull-offs along the Lake Superior shoreline.

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  1. Steve Heap says:

    It does look like a lovely spot to just relax and watch the water. I must visit this area soon!

    1. A drive along the Great Lakes shorelines is much like a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway – just different scenery. Peaceful and powerful, all at the same time.

  2. jim hughes says:

    I live in Minnesota but have actually never been to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This photo makes me want to go there and stay at some nice quiet place where nothing much is happening.

    1. It was heaven to grow up in this area. My grandparents had a shore cabin just down the road from here. They stayed there year-round. I loved going out there to visit.

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