Miami Beach

The ocean was so great on the day of our visit to Miami Beach. The smell of the air and the sight of the gathering clouds and the green ocean was overwhelmingly beautiful.

Storm Approaching

A storm was approaching when we were visiting the Boerner Botanical Gardens. The light was changing minute by minute, and I was able to capture the moments – part of my best work ever!

Gray Skies after the Storm

Many times, a photograph made from a snow scene will appear as naturally-occurring black and white image. In this shot, there’s a gray tinge thanks to the contrast of the gray clouds, indirect sunlight, and white snow covered trees.

Black and White Snow

Oftentimes when I’m out in nature with my camera, I can tell immediately when a photograph is going to look better in black and white than it does in color. Not every image is better than black and white. It has to do with the significance of the light and shadows and the contrast between them.

Butterfly Flower print

A new print is available on Beautiful Sun Photography! The Butterfly Flower print is available as Wall Art, Home DĂ©cor, Lifestyle & Stationery.

When It Snows…

Living in Virginia, I am happy to live in an area of the country that sees the changing of the seasons and gets an occasional snowfall. It’s a blend of both worlds – winter doesn’t last forever, but when it’s here, it’s a landscape photographer’s dream.

Sunset Seating

The Boerner Botanical Gardens have seating throughout the gardens to view the magnificent displays of flowers and plants, or to watch the sun set.